Tanote Villa Hill

Tanote Villa Hill

Welcome to Tanote Villa Hill Resort Koh Tao

On the lesser-developed eastern side of Koh Tao lays the secluded bay of Aow Tanote. Not frequented by many travelers, this area has avoided becoming quickly developed like the busier Sairee and the compact Mae Haad due to the rough roads and steeper mountain terrain. However, this has led to Tanote Bay being labeled as a more unknown holiday destination that few people are lucky enough to experience, or let alone see. If you are the type of traveler that is looking for a place located on the ‘road less traveled’, Tanote Villa Hill may just be the place for you.

Location of Tanote Villa Hill Resort

The newly developed luxury accommodation Tanote Villa Hill is located on the hillside with the Bay of Tanote glistening below. Since the resort is continually up-grading the standards for the new generation of travelers in Southeast Asia, renovations have been made to the swimming pool in order transform it into an infinity pool built into the rocks with the ocean view. The resort has constructed a wooden pathway through the jungle that leads you to the beach within five minutes. The walkway is a bit narrow and steep at times, but stable and shaded as it leads you under the canopy near a gentle stream. With that said, some individuals may have difficulties handling a coarse terrain, so it is advised to proceed with some caution.

Accommodation at Tanote Villa Hill

In terms of accommodation, the resort offers a few different types of private villas – all of which include modern amenities such as air-conditioning, private furnished balconies, hot water showers within the in-suite Western styled bathrooms and WiFi access. They can accommodate individuals, couples, friends and families. Extra beds can be added for an additional cost if the group size exceeds the number of sleeping spots available. The villas are divided up into two basic categories – the Garden Villas and the Pool Villas with various up-grades for each category (ie – Executive Deluxe Pool Villa).

The Garden Villas live up to their name by providing guests privacy among the landscaped hillside by giving them some distance from the reception and pool area. However, access to the walkway to the beach is still easily accessible. The Pool Villas are more centrally located on the resort, placed closer to the infinity pool, which makes it ideal for early morning swims.

Things to do at Tanote Villa Hill Resort

There is an onsite restaurant that is open all day until the late evening. While many restaurants on the island try to offer a menu that encompasses an international cuisine that covers the four corners of the globe, Tanote Villa Hill restaurant has decided to customize their menu so that it focuses solely on the tastes of Thailand. With direct access to fresh ingredients, the Thai dishes prepared will satisfy any guest. There are also barbeques in the evening that serve fresh grilled fish, kebabs and other meats.

The outdoor activities that are available range from hikes along the mountain roads to look at the major viewing points on the island to water activities such as swimming in the bay, snorkeling around the shallow reef or diving at one of the many places on the island. Reception will be glad to assist you with organizing snorkeling tours, daily dive trips or long-tail boat rides around the island. Of course, many people are simply content to lounge around the central area of the resort and simply read, sunbathe or just relax.

While some travelers may write off Tanote Bay as being isolated and hard to leave, it does provide the guest with an ideal place to focus purely on relaxation and the natural surroundings. Tanote Villa Hill gives the individuals the chance to experience a side of Koh Tao most people never get to see. Enjoy the serenity that the quieter side of the island has to offer!

Prices for mid range accommodation Tanote Villa Hill

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