Ananda Villa

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Welcome to Ananda Villa Hotel and Bungalows

One of the parts of traveling that people look forward to the most is getting to destination, checking into their room and dumping their belongings so the real holiday can take place. However, those experienced in Southeast Asian travel sometimes feel that actually getting to the accommodation is another journey in itself – and this is what the newer resort of Ananda Villa hopes to eliminate.

Location of accommodation Ananda Villa Hotel

Located a short distance from the pier town of Mae Haad, the resort has been giving guests the combination of being directly on the beach but without being near everyone’s footpath. Once you get off the boat, it takes a mere 5 minutes (depending on the amount of luggage one has, of course!) to walk to Ananda and get yourself settled on Koh Tao. With the beach in front of you and easy access to the more developed parts of the island, it is a great location for travelers who want the social scenes, the shopping and the swimming.

Accommodation at Ananda Villa Hotel and Bungalows

A combination of a hotel and a few bungalows, Ananda Villa is catering towards travelers who are on a slight budget but would prefer not to stay in the more rustic huts that Koh Tao is sometimes known for. Decorated in a simplistic Thai style interior, guests have the option of staying in the partial wooden/partial brick garden bungalows that have either fan or air-conditioning. Another option for accommodation is the modern-Asian styled two level beach-front hotel. Again, the guests have the choice between fan or A/C rooms. The rooms do vary in the number of people they can accommodate, ranging from the individual, couples or groups of friends and family members travelling together. All of the rooms have in-suite bathrooms, hot water showers and a balcony for relaxing.

Things to do at Ananda Villa Hotel and Bungalows

One of the main advantages that comes with staying at Ananda Villa is the location to the social centers of the island. If you walk one minute in one direction, you reach the pier town of Mae Haad where there are many restaurants and bakeries that serve a variety of seafood, European, Chinese, Japanese and, naturally, Thai food. Ananda is located near a delicious family-run Thai restaurant. There are also several bars along the road and along the beach. Once you have explored the streets of Mae Haad, you can take another short walk the other direction and reach the beginning of Sairee Beach, the longest stretch of beach on Koh Tao. There the traveler can continue to satisfy their shopping and dining needs.

If outdoor activities are more what you are looking for, Mae Haad is a great place to sign up for daily snorkeling tours, motorbike rentals, fishing trips and diving. Koh Tao is widely known for diving and there are numerous dive schools that the traveler can investigate and find the best one that suits their needs. Of course, some people are more than content to spend their days on the beach sunbathing or reading a book.

With the many tidy and nicely presented room options and a location right in the heart of Koh Tao, Ananda Villa is destined to be a well-known accommodation option. The friendly staff at Ananda Villa will gladly assist each of their guests in order to make their time on the island and in Thailand memorable.

Prices for Budget Accommodation Ananda Villa Koh Tao

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Sensi Paradise Resort

resort beach

Welcome to Sensi Paradise Resort Koh Tao

Located just outside of the pier town of Mae Haad, the Sensi Paradise Beach Resort of Koh Tao is one of the longest running higher-end resorts on the island. Having been established over 15 years ago, Sensi is continually striving to make additions to their resort in order to keep it clean and up-dated. While some people may be put off with the idea of being close to the harbor, Sensi Paradise has done a fine job with providing guests an area with a beach for sunbathing, shaded paths for walking and quiet places simply to sit and relax.

Accommodation at Sensi Paradise Resort Koh Tao

With a variety of villas, houses and bungalows to choose from, guests are able to select accommodation based on their style, tastes and budgets. All of the buildings are eco-friendly so the travelers know that they are supporting a business that encourages being environmentally conscious of a fragile ecosystem. All the rooms are tastefully decorated with an Asian décor and a polished hard wood interior. All of the houses and villas have in-suite Western styled bathrooms – some of them located outside for the ‘bathing under the stars’ opportunity in the natural surroundings.

For those who are on more of a budget, some of the houses come with fans as opposed to air-condition; however, you are still given a quality room for your stay. There are several villas that have air-conditioning and can accommodate several guests. These types of villas are ideal for larger groups and, of course, another bed can be arranged in order to accommodate more individuals.

The restaurant at Sensi Paradise Resort Koh Tao

With the restaurant built on a sturdy wooden platform next to the sea, the guests have the pleasure of dining by candlelight in the evening with a clear view of the scattered lights dotted on the coast. Open from the early morning till the late evening, guests have the choice of Thai fare or Western food and diners will be pleased with the freshness and quality of either one. The restaurant has played a major role in many wedding dinners and after parties over the years! Additionally, there is room service available for those who would prefer to have their meal in the comfort of their own villa.

Amenities and Services at Sensi Paradise Resort Koh Tao

Sensi Paradise has plenty of amenities and services for the guests – a lovely swimming pool, laundry service and taxi service to any desired location on the island. The rooms are cleaned daily; however, for the more eco-friendly guests, requests can be made to not have the towels changed on a daily basis in order to save the supply of fresh water on the island. Additionally, since Koh Tao is fairly new to getting steady wireless internet service, Wi-Fi is a bit limited at the resort, so this is something to keep in mind if you need 24/7 access for business or personal use.

Things to do at Sensi Paradise Resort Koh Tao

As Mae Haad is only a 5 minute walk away, guests are able to take in the town by shopping at the local stores, having coffee at the international cafes or walking the extra ten minutes into Sairee Beach – the longest and busiest stretch of beach on the island. In either town, travelers can find places to rent motorbikes, organize snorkeling trips or enroll in diving courses. If beaches are more appealing, guests can put on their walking shoes are make the quick journey to Jansom Bay around the corner. Hiring a long-tail boat is another excellent way to reach other beaches that are more difficult to get to by bike or by foot.

What Sensi Paradise Beach Resort is offering is a place where travelers can relax and partake in leisurely activities while having access to the busier side of Koh Tao. When the traveler has spent the entirety of the day exploring, swimming or playing, the comfort of their luxury villa is just a short distance away.

Prices and room information for Sensi Paradise Resort

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Tanote Villa Hill

Tanote Villa Hill

Welcome to Tanote Villa Hill Resort Koh Tao

On the lesser-developed eastern side of Koh Tao lays the secluded bay of Aow Tanote. Not frequented by many travelers, this area has avoided becoming quickly developed like the busier Sairee and the compact Mae Haad due to the rough roads and steeper mountain terrain. However, this has led to Tanote Bay being labeled as a more unknown holiday destination that few people are lucky enough to experience, or let alone see. If you are the type of traveler that is looking for a place located on the ‘road less traveled’, Tanote Villa Hill may just be the place for you.

Location of Tanote Villa Hill Resort

The newly developed luxury accommodation Tanote Villa Hill is located on the hillside with the Bay of Tanote glistening below. Since the resort is continually up-grading the standards for the new generation of travelers in Southeast Asia, renovations have been made to the swimming pool in order transform it into an infinity pool built into the rocks with the ocean view. The resort has constructed a wooden pathway through the jungle that leads you to the beach within five minutes. The walkway is a bit narrow and steep at times, but stable and shaded as it leads you under the canopy near a gentle stream. With that said, some individuals may have difficulties handling a coarse terrain, so it is advised to proceed with some caution.

Accommodation at Tanote Villa Hill

In terms of accommodation, the resort offers a few different types of private villas – all of which include modern amenities such as air-conditioning, private furnished balconies, hot water showers within the in-suite Western styled bathrooms and WiFi access. They can accommodate individuals, couples, friends and families. Extra beds can be added for an additional cost if the group size exceeds the number of sleeping spots available. The villas are divided up into two basic categories – the Garden Villas and the Pool Villas with various up-grades for each category (ie – Executive Deluxe Pool Villa).

The Garden Villas live up to their name by providing guests privacy among the landscaped hillside by giving them some distance from the reception and pool area. However, access to the walkway to the beach is still easily accessible. The Pool Villas are more centrally located on the resort, placed closer to the infinity pool, which makes it ideal for early morning swims.

Things to do at Tanote Villa Hill Resort

There is an onsite restaurant that is open all day until the late evening. While many restaurants on the island try to offer a menu that encompasses an international cuisine that covers the four corners of the globe, Tanote Villa Hill restaurant has decided to customize their menu so that it focuses solely on the tastes of Thailand. With direct access to fresh ingredients, the Thai dishes prepared will satisfy any guest. There are also barbeques in the evening that serve fresh grilled fish, kebabs and other meats.

The outdoor activities that are available range from hikes along the mountain roads to look at the major viewing points on the island to water activities such as swimming in the bay, snorkeling around the shallow reef or diving at one of the many places on the island. Reception will be glad to assist you with organizing snorkeling tours, daily dive trips or long-tail boat rides around the island. Of course, many people are simply content to lounge around the central area of the resort and simply read, sunbathe or just relax.

While some travelers may write off Tanote Bay as being isolated and hard to leave, it does provide the guest with an ideal place to focus purely on relaxation and the natural surroundings. Tanote Villa Hill gives the individuals the chance to experience a side of Koh Tao most people never get to see. Enjoy the serenity that the quieter side of the island has to offer!

Prices for mid range accommodation Tanote Villa Hill

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Dusit Buncha Resort

View from the resort towards Koh Nangyuan

Welcome to Dusit Buncha Resort

The newer resort Dusit Buncha was designed for those looking for some seclusion on a small island. Set far apart from the main beach of Sairee, the resort is located towards the most northwestern part of Koh Tao. The rugged surroundings, narrow pathways with steep steps from villa to villa and a ten-minute taxi ride to the populated part of Koh Tao makes this a place for the particular type of nature loving guest.

Location of Dusit Buncha Resort Koh Tao

The location of the resort has an amazing view of island of Koh Nangyuan. It is one of the best places on the island for a sunset view – and with the fully furnished terraces and the Nangyuan Terrace Restaurant, the guests can appreciate it in full. However, there is emphasis on seclusion. The road to Dusit Buncha is dotted with a few houses for the local residents, so in order to reach the island hub of Sairee a taxi ride is a must. For those thinking they make the journey on foot, it is possible for the physically fit. While the 45 minute to an hour long walk has many great views and is canopied by the jungle surroundings, there are many steps hills to climb up and down.

Those who plan on staying a few days usually hire a motorbike, enabling them to come and go with ease without relying on a taxi each time they want to go exploring. But most people are pleased to stay at the resort exclusively by passing each day with sunbathing on their decks, kayaking in the sea, lounging in the swimming pool or by simply drinking a cocktail while reading a book.

Accommodation at Dusit Buncha Resort Koh Tao

High-end resorts and accommodation are fairly new to Koh Tao in comparison to the rest of Thailand. The island was once known to having only rustic wooden bungalows with mosquito netting surrounding a hard mattress for the young and unfazed backpacker. However, over the years Koh Tao has strived to change it’s image and started developing places that are more solid, comfortable and containing western amenities. With that in mind, the staff at Dusit Buncha are welcoming and well presented, but often times the ‘island mentality’ is evident when it comes to efficiency. While the staff members are experienced in the hospitality industry, maintaining a more relaxed atmosphere does sometimes take a toll on how things get done. For travelers who have experienced Southeast Asia before are often prepared and can take this with a grain of salt. For those who are coming to Koh Tao for the first time, it might be a bit hard to get the type of service one would expect at the Ritz!
With said, emphasis should be put on the fact that the resort is located in a stunning and peaceful location. Being far away from the main roads that have constant traffic and being removed from bars and clubs that blare music until the early hours of the morning is most welcome for travelers looking for a place to clear their mind and enjoy their surroundings. The villas are creatively built upon the sturdy rock formations near the sea or on the rugged hillside. In addition to the outside ascetics, each villa contains the modern amenities of home: comfortable furniture, clean bathrooms, air-conditioning, a television, refrigerator and mini-bar. Depending on your level of travel, there are additional facilities and upgrades that you can take on for your stay at Dusit Buncha. For example, the Deluxe Romantic Seaside Villa has a panorama sea view as well as a wider terrace for leisurely outdoor activities. In addition, this particular villa incorporates the natural surroundings of the mountainside and uses the natural rock as part of the wall interior.

Dusit Buncha is striving to become one of the most recognized resorts when it comes high-end and luxury accommodation. Despite what some would call a ‘slow start’, the potential for this place becoming well known is great. The backdrop of Koh Nangyuan, the peaceful jungle surrounding and the beautiful rock formations do add magic to the resort that will certainly enhance your stay on Koh Tao.
Pictures of Accommodation Dusit Buncha Resort in Koh Tao
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New Heaven Resort

Budget to medium range resort on Koh Tao

One of the amazing things about Koh Tao is that for a small island there is a wide range of accommodation in order to suit the needs of any traveler. There are high-end resorts with all the luxurious comforts and modern amenities of home and then there are quaint wooden bungalows that are spread out over the mountain.
New Heaven Resort offers the right combination that caters towards comfort and privacy in nature.

Location and accommodation at New Heaven Resort

New Heaven Resort and Bungalows is situated outside of eastern Chalok Baan Kao on top of a hill facing Thian Og Bay (or to the locals known as Shark Bay), New Heaven is a small family run resort that offers their guests a chance to have a bit of seclusion with island hospitality on Koh Tao. Foliage canopied balconies and open-air bathrooms continue to add to the jungle ambiance. Being submerged in nature is a welcome change to the busy city of Bangkok or the bustling streets of our neighbor island, Koh Samui.

Many of the rooms have a clear view of Shark Bay and the looming dive site of Shark Island on the horizon. The facilities range from fan bungalows with double beds for those who want a more authentic backpacker experience to larger and family bungalows that can accommodate up to three people with air conditioning, hot water showers and cable television on request. Each room is decorated in a simple yet creative Thai style décor. The restaurant is open from early in the morning to late in the evening and offers a delicious array of Thai cuisine and Western foods. Additionally, New Heaven strives to have an option of dishes for the health conscious – including filling tropical fruit shakes with almond milk and very satisfying vegetarian food.

Activites at New heaven Resort Koh Tao

New Heaven is known around the island for having intensive involvement in the eco side of sustainable development and greener tourism. Those interested in environmental and eco activities can get information from reception or by visiting the dive school by the main road in Chalok. Once you have experienced staying at New Heaven Resort, you will be motivated to learn more about what one can do to keep this paradise pristine and healthy! They also offer dive courses for those wanting to learn and those wanting to continue their underwater education as well as daily fun dives to individuals and groups.

In addition to the diving, guests can make their way down the stone steps to their own private bay or towards Shark Bay for snorkeling. Reports of seeing small black tip reef sharks swimming over the shallow coral are numerous! But do not let this frighten you; these beautiful creatures are used to human presence and are not dangerous in any way. For on land activities, the resort offers yoga classes for the beginner and advanced student at a very reasonable cost. After a few classes, the guest will feel confident enough to take their new skills back home!

New Heaven Resort welcomes travelers to breathe in the cool sea air and start each day fresh nestled within nature.
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Charm Churee Village Villas

Luxury Beach Resort on Koh Tao

When travelers imagine ideal getaways from their ‘9 to 5’ lives, they envision villa accommodation on quiet beaches and cool sea breezes passing over them while they lay in the sun. They are able to trek through the vividly green jungle in the morning, go snorkeling on the shallow reef in the afternoon, and sip a quality cocktail in the serenity of the setting sun during the evening.
This is what Charm Churee Villa can offer every traveler.

Location and accommodation at Charm Churee Village

Nestled next to the quiet and secluded Jansom Bay on Koh Tao, Thailand, Charm Churee Villa offers luxury among nature. The variety of accommodation submerges the traveler among palm trees, rock formations and direct access to sea. Spaced out generously against the small mountain landscape, this rustic accommodation is presented in such a way that travelers can enjoy their own slice of the island. The wide range of rooms and suites are individually decorated to promote comfort, privacy and Asian fusion. Each accommodation contains balconies with lounge chairs and views of the Gulf. The villas are equipped with separate bedrooms, lounge areas, and outdoor bathrooms.

Charm Churee is aware of the variety of travelers who frequent Thailand and Koh Tao; therefore, they have developed their villa accommodation to suit the needs of the individual traveler, couples as well as families. One featured room is the Villa Room, which offers individuals and couples a Thai-Balinese style accommodation located only a few steps away from the private beach. It is also equipped with an outdoor bathroom that further enhances the ‘Robinson Crusoe’ holiday experience. There are also a few Sunset Villas that are ideal for families. The villas, which are located a short distance from the bay, can accommodate several people in the 2 or 3 bedroom lodgings.

Restaurants at Charm Churee Village Koh Tao

There are two unique restaurants located within Charm Churee, the Chaba & Starlight Restaurant and the Elvis Beach Bar & Restaurant. The Elvis Beach bar caters towards the causal eating time between 10:00am to 6:00pm, serving a variety of dishes for lunch and mid-afternoon snacks. The Chaba & Starlight Restaurant is open for breakfast from 7:00am to 10:00am and for dinner starting at 6:00pm. They offer delicious Thai food and Western cuisine prepared by seasoned international chefs. The villa incorporates the sense of romance by letting the diners enjoy their cuisine by gentle lighting, candles and starlight. Specialty drinks or favorite cocktails can be mixed to your liking at the well-stocked bar.

Spa facilities at Charm Churee Village Koh Tao

Thailand is well known for massage therapy and Charm Churee offers an array specialty packages. Individuals can be pampered for up to three hours by getting herbal steam or milk baths, aloe vera wraps, aromatherapy or the traditional Thai massage. The massages are conducted on the sheltered decks with the sea view directly ahead helping enhance the relaxing experience.

What else to do during your stay at Charm Churee Village

While Jansom Bay boasts privacy, there is a variety of relaxing activities individuals can indulge in, ranging from water sports to leisurely pursuits. The calm bay is ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Around the rock formations, there is a variety of tropical fish within sight. For the more adventurous individual, Charm Churee offers diving courses for the beginner, as well as to the advanced diver. Koh Tao is known for excellent dive sites! The villa can arrange an experienced dive instructor to teach in any requested language in order to suit the individual’s needs. Additionally, people can take a traditional long-tail boat to other private beaches across the island or take the 20-minute trek into the pier town of Mae Haad for other dining or shopping needs. There are many opportunities to explore this small and vibrant island!

Charm Churee Villa is ideal for those seeking peace, rustic tranquility, and service. In an essence, this villa wants to provide the top experience not only in terms of accommodation but also in relaxation and activities in nature. We look forward to sharing Koh Tao with you!

Prices for Luxury Accommodation Charm Churee Village

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Koh Tao Star Villa

Welcome to Koh Tao Star Villa

Let us introduce you to one of the best value luxury accommodations on Koh Tao. This luxurious villa on the north-west coast of Koh Tao is divided in two apartments and a penthouse. Koh Tao Star Villa is either available for private rent as whole villa, or as individual parts of the villa. All three accommodations in this villa provide an uninterrupted view of the spectacular tropical sunsets which the west coast of Koh Tao has to offer almost everyday.

Location of accommodation Koh Tao Star Villa

Koh Tao Star villa is located in the hills above Sairee Beach, at about 80 meter elevation above sea level, laid in a tropical jungle setting, with breathtaking views over the tropical hills and the Gulf of Thailand. The location is quiet but not far away from the bustling liveliness of Sairee Beach with its restaurants,shops and nightlife.

Apartments of accommodation Koh Tao Star Villa

The two apartments of Koh Tao Star Villa are suitable to comfortably accommodate two guests on an area of 66 square meters. The apartments contain a kitchenette, lounge area, separate sleeping room and fully equipped bath room. Amenities include home cinema with Dolby 5.1 surround system and 32′ flat screen TV. Worth mentioning is the electrical installation up to highest European standards, a standard hardly reached by any so called 5 star accommodations on Koh Tao.

All the apartments of the accommodation are equipped with huge remote controlled ceiling fans. The sleeping rooms are additionally air conditioned. The kitchens are equipped with cooking utensils, cutlery, dishes, toaster etc.

Both apartments can be rented together. They are connected by double doors for noise insulation and out of security reasons.

The apartments have their own terrace to enjoy the sunset.

Penthouse apartment of accommodation Ko Tao Star Villa

This lavish 2 – 3 bedroom penthouse with a total floor space of 153 square meters is equipped with two bathrooms. The large open plan lounge and kitchen area with three sets of double doors provide ‘outdoor living indoors’ and access to the mezzanine floor which contains a spacious office with extended book and video library. This room can be used as a third bedroom if required.
Further amenities of this penthouse apartment are the 40’ flat screen TV in combination with a Yamaha home cinema system with Dolby 7.1. Satellite TV with a huge selection of movie, sports and radio channels is available.
The huge kitchen area will satisfy the needs of even a demanding chef.

The penthouse apartment of this luxury accommodation has in addition to the balcony to the west a huge terrace looking south.
High speed internet access is available.

Bedrooms of penthouse apartment Koh Tao Star Villa

Additional to the media equipment of the living area, both bedrooms are equipped with 32′ flat screen TV’s and DVD player. The front one has satellite TV as well.
Both are equipped with air con units and remote controlled ceiling fans. The rear bedroom has its own en suite bathroom.

General information about this Koh Tao accommodation:

  • All guests have access to the games/fitness room with pool table, dart board and home trainer
  • All parts of the villa have daily room service
  • Two times daily, in the morning and in the evening, a transport service to and from Sairee Beach is included in the price
  • This is a privately owned villa. Your hosts Alan and Heidi have the reputation of excellently taking care of their guests but please don’t expect hotel or resort style service

Important notice for this Koh Tao accommodation:

  • Please note, that due to the elevation which brings those breathtaking views, Koh Tao Star Villa is not suitable for the elderly or infirm and is not ideal for children under the age of 10
  • The penthouse and the entire villa which includes the penthouse have a minimum booking period of 4 days

Pictures of Koh Tao Star Villa

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