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Sairee Beach Koh Tao ThailandThe longest beach on Koh Tao is tucked on the western coast of Koh Tao and has become a haven for backpackers and scuba divers alike. With the wide variety of accommodation, bars, restaurants, shops and clubs in Sairee, it is obvious why people find all the things they are looking for within a stretch of only 1.4 kilometers. Whether you desire, be it quiet spot on the beach to finish a novel or a place to join in a game of beach volleyball, Sairee Beach on Koh Tao will provide you with a medley of things to do. Visit the beach of Sairee with all its amenities and enjoy the small island paradise of Ko Tao’s largest beach. Click on the links below to reveal all the details of Sairee. You will find information like phone numbers of all available accommodation in Sairee, as well as all phone numbers of diving schools, bars and restaurants in and around Sairee beach.

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Once you get off the boat and find yourself on the pier, Sairee Beach is often the best bet in terms of finding accommodation if you have not booked anything earlier. There are hostels with like-minded people traveling on a budget, small hotels with cable TV and air conditioning, rustic bungalows on the beach and high-end villas with swimming pools and sunset views. To summarize, you will have a choice of how and where you want to spend your time. Here are some of our personal recommendations of well-kept villas and resorts at Sairee Beach Koh Tao:

The Monkey Flower and the Koh Tao Star Villa are an excellent choice of accommodation for couples that are looking for staying on Koh Tao a bit longer and want some more privacy. These villas are located a bit further from the hustle and bustle that is Sairee Beach, but the views and the comforts that these villas have to offer. Each villa has all the modern amenities of home with an Asian twist to the décor. These villas are run by long term Koh Tao locals; with that said, you have many years of experience at your fingers tips. The owners can provide you with information about the island that you may not be able to get on your own. Experience Koh Tao and Sairee in a way that few have done. For more information about these villas, please see our more detailed and descriptive section within our website.

If you desire to get further off the beaten path, the new Dusit Buncha Resort located above north Sairee Beach is an option. Although it may seem like it is in an area all its own, Sairee is still accessible by taxi or a ten minute motorbike ride. With a wide variety of villas suitable for individuals, couples, small groups and families, Dusit Buncha provides their guests with a quiet jungle surroundings, a beautiful swimming pool and dining with a sea view. You can find more information about this resort and other in more detail with our section on specially featured accommodations.

With accommodations stretching from each end of Sairee Beach, the choices are up to you. Whether it be wooden huts on the beach or air-conditioned units in the center of town, you are sure to find a place that suits you needs and budget.

[expandsub1 title=”Budget Accommodation:” swaptitle=”Close Budget Accommodation”]
AC 2 Bungalows: 077-456 195 / 077-456-645 / 077-456-646
Bingo Bungalows: 077-456-172
Blue Wind Resort: 077-456-116
D.D. Huts: 077-456-077/ 077-456-356
Golden Cape Bungalows: 077-456-609
KT Backpacker Hostel: 088-447-7921
Moonlight Bungalows: 089-291-7417 / 081-078-1073
Mountain View: 077-456-094 / 086-276-6417
O-Chai Bungalow: 077-456-037
Sairee View Resort: 077-456-649
Yai Rom Bungalow: 077-456-267
[expandsub1 title=”Mid-Range Accommodation:” swaptitle=”Close Mid-Range Accommodation”]
AC Resort: 077-456-197 / 077-456-034
Asia Divers IDC Resort: 077-456-054
Bow Thong Beach Bungalows: 077-456-351
Garden House: 081-895-0810
Gong Faa Residence: 077-456-332
Hongik Inggan Guest House: 081-982-0926
In Touch Bungalows: 077-456-514
Kanokwan Guesthouse: 077-456-413 / 077-457-025
Koh Tao Island Resort: 077-456-295
Lotus Resort: 077-456-297/ 077-456-298 / 077-456-651
Narakaan Hotel: 077-456-644
Ocean View: 077-456-446
Pranee’s Bungalows: 077-456-080
Pranee’s Guesthouse: 077-456-617
Praewa Hotel: 077-456-485 / 077-456-486 / 087-000-5355
Queen Resort: 077-456-002
Sabai Sabai Resort: 077-456-473 / 077-456-474
Sairee Cottage: 077-456-126
Sairee Hut Dive Resort: 077-456-000 / 077-456-398 / 077-456-399
SBC Resort: 077-456-005
SB Cabana 2: 077-456-600
Silver Sands beach Resort: 077-456-603 / 077-456-606
Tommy’s Dive Resort: 077-456-039 / 077-456-251
View Cliff Resort: 077-456-353 / 077-456-354/ 081-229-4710
Wind Beach Resort: 077-456-082 / 087-898-2341
[expandsub1 title=”High End Accommodation:” swaptitle=”Close High End Accommodation”]
Anankhira Villas: 077-456-629
Big Blue Resort: 077-456-415 / 077-456-416
Coral Grand Resort: 077-456-431 / 077-456-433

Dusit Buncha Resort Koh Tao ThailandDusit Buncha Resort:
Call +66(0)77 456 730 or +66(0)77 456 098

Khun Ying House: 077-456-291
Koh Tao Cabana: 077-456-504 / 077-456-505

Accommodation Koh Tao Star-villaKoh Tao Star Villa:
Call +66(0)800 766 711 or +66(0)873 816 323

Featured Accommodation on Koh Tao Thailand - Monkey Flower VillaMonkey Flower Villa

Sea Shell Dive Resort: 077-456-299 / 077-456-271
Sunset Buri Resort Hotel: 077-457-101 / 089-415-4453
Sun Smile Lodge: 077-456-813/ 077-456-814
The Rocks Luxury Villa: 086-270-7145
Thipwimarn Resort: 077-456-409 / 077-456-567
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Once you have gotten your tan on the beach and want something more exciting to do, you have plenty of choices. Naturally, scuba diving is something that the majority of the people who come to Koh Tao partake it in. With over 15 dive schools located all over Sairee Beach, travelers can find the one that fits their needs – they range from smaller and more intimate schools to larger ones that can help add to your social circle or traveling party. All the schools offer a wide range of courses for those who want to learn as well as fun dives for those who want to put their skills to the test in the Gulf of Thailand.

[expandsub1 title=”Scuba Diving Schools in Sairee:” swaptitle=”Close Scuba Diving Schools”]
Asia Divers PADI IDC Resort: 077-456-054
Ban’s Diving PADI CDC Resort: 077-456-466 / 077-456-057
Big Blue Diving Resort: 077-456-415
Coral Grand Divers: 077-456-432
Davy Jones’ Locker: 077-456-604 / 085-474-8789
Goodtime Adventures: 087-275-3604
Island Dive Club: 077-456-296
Koh Tao Divers: 086-069-9244
LV Diving Center: 077-456-039 / 077-456-251
New Way Diving: 077-456-527/ 077-456-528
Phoenix Divers: 077-456-033 / 077-456-034
Sairee Cottage Diving: 077-456-374
Sairee Hut Dive Resort: 077-456-815 / 077-456-816
Scuba Junction: 077-456-164
Seashell Dive Center: 077-456-299
Siam Scuba Dive Center: 077-456-628 / 077-456-297
Simple Life Divers: 077-456-329

However, if diving does not suit you, many schools can rent snorkeling equipment or kayaks if you still want the ocean experience (but just on the surface). Sairee Beach has plenty of reefs to explore just a few meters out. For those who want to be a bit more adventurous, the normally calm seas are ideal for paddling out towards the less developed northwestern side of the island where you can do a bit of rock climbing and snorkeling.

If you want to stay dry, check out the daily yoga schedule at some resorts and dive schools. Getting stretched out and more flexible with a certified yoga teacher is a great way to relax after being crammed on a boat, a bus, a train, a taxi or a mini-van in hot temperatures. If you want other ways to stay in shape after too many Singhas or plates of pad thai with prawns, there is a Muay Thai school that has regular classes for beginners and advanced level students. The facility is a training center for the professionals on Koh Tao and they offer their services to travelers so people can see what it takes to be a kick-box champ!

For activities off the beaten track, there is a Flying Trapeze school where you can defy gravity with other beginners. Lessons are everyday so feel free to just drop by. Of course, if you prefer your feet on the ground, grab a beer and simply watch the show! Goodtime Adventures in central Sairee Beach has rock climbing lessons and expeditions as well as the worlds only ‘island-to-island’ zip line. Get to Koh Nangyuan from Koh Tao in no time flat – on a sturdy zip line over the sea and into the jungle.

Additionally, there are ways to educate yourself with Thai culture in between the parties and socializing. A newly opened Thai language school can help you move past just ‘Sawatdee ka/krap!’ and get you practicing more local phrases to impress the Thais you meet on your journey. There are also Thai cooking classes where you can test your Asian culinary skills and make some of the signature dishes Thailand is known for.

If you have enjoyed happy hour drinks while watching the marvelous sunset of Koh Tao, you may want to consider seeing that same view from a different angle. Island Cruises, the sailing company of the island, will provide a sailing cruise from two to ten people for a sunset cruise on one of their sailing yachts. Feel free to step by at our office in Mae Haad and get more details on the tours, we are right next to Cafe Zest, or simply visit our website at

[expandsub1 title=”Activity Companies in Sairee Beach:” swaptitle=”Close Activity Companies”]
Baan Sairee Massage: 077-456-073
Chor Chang Massage: 077-456-053
Flying Trapeze Adventures: 080-696-9269 / 080-675-9453
Goodtime Adventures: 087-275-3604
Gym & Fitness: 082-801-4014
Island Muay Thai: 087-88-0052
Monsoon Gym: 086-271-2212
Shambhala Yoga: 084-440-6755
Thai Language Center: 086-953-8834
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What better way to experience a place is to get a taste of the local flavor? Even though Koh Tao is a small place, there are a great variety of dishes to experience – ranging from lighter northern cuisine to the rich spicy curries of the south. Experiment with some of the smaller stands and carts that offer noodle soup, papaya salad with sticky rice, barbeque chicken and pork on bamboo skewers, fried chicken and Thai style pancakes with banana and chocolate or tuna and chili sauce. In addition, there are carts stocked with fresh fruit that come with a chili shrimp paste and a spicy sugar dip if you fancy eating a green mango or pineapple in another fashion. With some of the snacks and meals ranging from 20baht to 60baht, you do not have to break your budget in order to taste a variety of foods.

In terms of other sit-down Thai restaurants, there are many of excellent options. Simply walk down the beach road or the main road and follow your nose. Most restaurants open at 7am and close at 10pm so there is no shame if you crave fried rice for breakfast or a fruit shake for dinner. If you want something a bit more indulgent, most resorts have fresh barbeques in the evening. There is a wide variety of fresh fish (caught far off of the dive sites and no endangered species served), chicken kabobs, steaks and plenty of side dishes.

Since Koh Tao has had a strong Western influence, you can indulge in some home style cooking if you simply cannot look at another prawn or plate of rice noodles for a few days. There are many bakeries that service a full English breakfast or the healthier Muesli with yogurt and fruit. The cafes also offer a wide range of sandwiches with imported cheeses and meats, baked goods often made by international chefs and plenty of coffee options. Zanzibar and Zest Coffee House are some of the most popular ones in Sairee.

There are plenty of other Western restaurants within walking distance on Sairee. The dining lounge Fizz is a hot spot for sunset drinks and dining. With beanbag chairs and classy outdoor atmosphere, this is a great spot for relaxing, good quality food and good music. Portobello is also an excellent choice for Italian and Mediterranean food. With a great selection of pastas, meats and pizza, people will enjoy dining on high quality cuisine. Slightly off the beaten path is A Taste of Home, a restaurant that serves up authentic German dishes made by a professionally trained and experienced chef. It is rumored that she makes some of the best goulash this side of Thailand! If you want something a bit more rowdy, Choppers Sports Bar is one of the most well known spots on the island. A crowded bar that serves up pub-grub with the latest sporting event is a place that is both popular for travelers and locals. Sometimes, you simply have to watch the football with a burger and chips while having a cold beer on draft.

[expandsub1 title=”Restaurants in Sairee Beach:” swaptitle=”Close Restaurants”]
AC Barbeque & Restaurant: 077-456-197
Barracuda Seafood Restaurant: 080-146-3267
Big Blue East Restaurant and Bar: 077-456-416
Blue Wind Bakery: 077-456-116
The Brother’s Pub: 081-078-6862
Coffee Boat: 085-784-4831
Choppers Bar & Grill: 077-456-641 / 087-888-6362
Darawan Restaurant: 077-457-049
D.D. Hut Restaurant: 077-456-077
El Gringo Mexican House: 077-456-323
El Toro Restaurant: 089-591-6414
Farango Pizzeria: 077-456-205
Fizz Beach Lounge: 087-887-9495
Goodtime Beach Café: 087-275-3604
Hippo Bar & Grill: 077-457-021 / 077-457-022
Island Café & Restaurant: 081-089-7547
Jae Nee Thai Food: 077-456-375
Just Ming Restaurant: 087-920-5586
Krua Thai Restaurant: 087-892-9970
Mafalda Ice Cream: 077-601-837
Moon Burger: 085-796-9920
Narakaan Restaurant: 081-079-2240
Noori India: 080-146-5476
Portobello Bistro: 077-457-029
Rim Lae Restaurant: 077-456-505
Shalimar Indian Restaurant: 077-456-740
Taste of Home Restaurant: 086-012-0727
Tong’s Thai Food: 077-456-458
Zanzibar Bistro: 077-456-452
Zest Coffee House: 077-456-178
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A tropical island would not be complete without an active nightlife and Koh Tao is no different. While Sairee Beach has not yet reached the seedy level has Chaweng in Samui or Patong in Phuket has, there are still plenty of places to grab a beer (or a bucket) and dance the night away. The evening usually begins with some sunset happy hour drinks on one of the many beach bars. The bars that are associated with dive schools usually get busy after 5pm when the fun dives and courses are completed for the day and people want to clean the salt from their mouths with a bottle of beer.

Once the evening progresses, the most popular spots to start the night with are Choppers or Diza Bar. Some people venture to Fishbowl operating at Ban’s Diving Resort for the happy hour specials and the live music. For dancing and excellent people watching, Lotus Bar is often so packed with people, it can be difficult to order a drink. The fire shows that go on are some of the best on the island and the music blares until early in the morning. When people want a different scene, they walk up the street to Office Bar, a tiny little hut on the beach road covered with graffiti and pictures of customers, both past and present. Usually, the crowd spills out on to the road (causing headaches for motorists) so do not expect to have much of a place to sit down. Maya Bar, Cave Bar and A/C bar are located at the southern end of Sairee Beach. A more spacious place for drinking and dancing, they usually do not generate a bigger crowd until 1am.

If the sloppy scene is not for you, there are plenty of places to go and simply enjoy yourself without the intense hangover in the morning. Fizz is one of those places. With a clean and sophisticated atmosphere, you can still have a drink and hold a conversation with the person next to you without having to shout over the blaring house music. The new Darawan restaurant, owned by Ban’s Diving, is also a lovely place for drinks, food and views of Sairee Beach in a serene setting.

[expandsub1 title=”Bars and Pubs in Sairee Beach” swaptitle=”Close Bars and Pubs”]
A/C Party Pub: 077-456-197
The Brother’s Pub: 081-078-6862
Cave Bar: 077-456-673
Chopper’s Bar and Grill: 077-456-641
Dropzone Bar: 089-291-7417
Fishbowl Beach Bar: 083-394-0991
Fizz Beach Lounge: 087-887-9495
Hippo Bar & Grill: 077-456-021
Lotus Beach Bar: 087-069-6078
Maya Bar: 077-456-195
The Office Bar: NO NUMBER
The Queen’s Cabaret: 087-677-6168


Statement of the members of Island Cruises, who have collected and published all the information in this Koh Tao guide for you.

“We are long-term residents on of Koh Tao and we want to share only what we deem the best on this tiny island. Should you have any questions about accommodation, dining, activities or sailing tours, please feel free to contact us. We offer a Pick up Service from Chalok baan Kao for all our sailing cruises.”

Enjoy your holiday in Sairee Beach Koh Tao!

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