This is the help page for publishers. That’s the place where you will find all the answers to this theme.

1.) Featured Image

The featured image is the image that shows on the front page but not in the article itself. So that’s the video picture in our case. To upload a featured image follow the steps below:

Click on a post you wish to add a thumbnail image and find the featured image section in your right hand side bottom

Upload an image from your computer. Image size 224px * 167px. Larger images will be automatically resized to this size.

Click on the “Use as featured image” link

Select the image to use either from the gallery or upload an image directly.

Close this window and you’re done. The image should now be visible on the right side of your post.

2.) Slider Images

Every article is one resort – so every resort/article has one slider image. To make this work, all articles/resorts need to be in the category Koh Tao Accommodation

The slider images for each post are added via custom fields. Below are the image size and the custom field names.

  • Image size :- width : 630px height : 255px
  • Custom Field for image : “fimage”
  • Custom Field for text : “ftext”


To create the featured image I have added a psd file for you to download. Add new images just o top of each other and save them as jpg.

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