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Mae Haad Town and Beach – Overview

Mae Haad Koh Tao ThailandMae Haad gets an unfair assumption when travelers first come to Koh Tao. The rush off the pier and struggle negotiate prices with a taxi drivers to get you to point A can make people feel a bit stressed. However, Mae Haad can be a hidden gem. Tucked down small alleyways and away from the pier, you can find delicious restaurants, quiet beaches and small shops. Mae Haad also provides people with the larger shopping and eating experience further into the center of town – which is fairly easy to navigate as there are only two main roads (the ‘up’ road and the ‘down’ road). Spend some time in Mae Haad and experience what some of the locals refer to as ‘the city’; it will certainly make you appreciate the island-life mentality of what is considered a city!

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While the accommodation options may not be a glaringly obvious as they are in Sairee and Chalok Baan Khao, there are still many options. Since Mae Haad was early to develop due to the pier location and the bad roads anywhere else on the island, a few long running higher end resorts were built. A highly recommended one is the Charm Churee Resort. If you follow the windy roads slightly outside of Mae Haad, you will come across Charm Churee. Built around the small but secluded Jamsom Bay, this resort has a large variety of villas that can accommodate couples and families. Built to incorporate the breeze from the sea, guests can fully enjoy their tropical surroundings in comfort.

Another resort that comes with high regards is the Ananda Villa. Located just outside of Mae Haad, Ananda offers hotel rooms as well as bungalows. This accommodation offers people a comfortable and affordable place close to the town but off the path enough to enjoy some quiet and a clear beach. In addition to those mentioned resorts, the long standing Sensi Paradise has provided guests with modern villas designed with Asian décor. Located ten minutes from the town, this resort has its own massage parlor, restaurant on the beach and quiet bar for sunset drinks.

[expandsub1 title=”Budget Accommodation:” swaptitle=”Close Budget Accommodation”]
Ban Tai Guesthouse: 077-456-927 / 087-895-9440
Bamboo Bungalow: 082-817-5180
Chamaiporn Guesthouse: 077-456-170
Dive Point Apartments: 077-456-231
Linji’s House: 077-456-647 / 086-062-6337
N.O. Guesthouse: 077-456-648
O.K. View Resort: 077-456-499 / 077456-138
[expandsub1 title=”Mid-Range Accommodation:” swaptitle=”Close Mid-Range Accommodation”]
Ananda Villa Beach Front RoomAnanda Hotel and Villa:
Call +66(0)77 456 478

Baan Tao Bungalow: 077-456-201 / 077-456-202
Beach Bay Villa Guest house: 077-457-077 / 077-457-071
Beachside Resort: 077-456-565 / 077-456-746
Blue Diamond Resort: 077-456-255
Blue Wave House: 077-456-287 / 081-797-2258
Captain Nemo Guesthouse: 086-090-7996
Easy Divers Resort: 077-456-368
Fatima Home: 084-889-1560
Insom Guesthouse: 077-456-989 / 077-456-990
Kallaphanga Resort: 087-268-6985
Keng Resort: 077-456-985
Koh Tao Garden Resort: 077-456-133 / 077-456-134
Mania Guesthouse: 077-456-123
Mae Haad Guesthouse: 077-456-939
Mr. J’s Bungalow: 077-456-066 / 077-456-067
Nirvana Guesthouse: 077-456-569 / 083-638-4004
Phon Somboon Guesthouse: 081-895-0161 / 089-875-2947
Pim’s Guesthouse: 077-456-129 / 077-456-647
Save Bungalow: 077-456-180
Triple B Bungalow: 077-089-289
Wandee Guesthouse: 077-456-388
[expandsub1 title=”High End Accommodation:” swaptitle=”Close High End Accommodation”]
Beach Club Resort: 077-456-222 / 077-456-223

charm-churee-villas-koh-tao-beach-frontCharm Churee Villas:
Call +66(0)77 456 393 or +66(0)77 456 394 or +66(0)77 456 475

Koh Tao Royal Resort: 077-456-156 / 077-456-157
Montra Resort & Spa: 077-456-057 / 077-456-061/ 077-456-056
Regal Resort: 077-456-007 / 077-456-008 / 077-456-004
Sea Lodge: 077-456-111

Sensi Paradise Bungalows and Villas - Koh Tao ThailandSensi Paradise:
Call +66(0)77 244 or +66(0)77 487

Utopia Suites & Guesthouse: 077-456-729 / 089-816-5654
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Mae Haad is a center point for activities on the island. Naturally, you will find dive schools that offer everything from beginner diving courses to becoming a diving instructor. There are also tours for fun dives daily. Even thought Mae Haad is a bit more congested, most dive schools make good use of their space and have hangout for students and other divers to debrief during the day about the diving. You have the choice of larger dive schools or smaller ones that can offer one-to-one tuition.

[expandsub1 title=”Scuba Diving Schools in Mae Haad:” swaptitle=”Close Scuba Diving Schools”]
Adventure Diving: 077-457-070 / 077-457-071
Asia Divers: 077-456-055 / 077-456-016
Blue Diamond Dive Resort: 077-456-880 / 077-456-818
Crystal Dive Resort: 077-456-106 / 077-456-107
Dive Point: 077-456-231
Easy Divers Koh Tao: 077-456-010
Golden Divers: 077-456-978
Impian Garden Dive Resort: 077-456-500
Jolly Rojer Diving Center: 083-175-5518
Master Scuba Divers: 077-456-314
Planet Scuba: 077-456-110

Within the town, there are plenty of bars to spend a lazy afternoon. There are also a few places to play pool. Captain Nemo’s is a popular spot for a game and a drink. If you are looking for something a bit more wholesome, there are plenty of spas and places to get a massage. Additionally, there are plenty of yoga spots where you can go and relieve some stress and find your center. There is also a fitness center on the main road where exercise classes are offered daily done by trained professionals. Drop-in’s are always welcome – it is also a great way to meet some of the locals when they are not diving!

If you are looking for an adventure off the island, you may want to consider a sailing trip to the beautiful Angthong Marine Park. Island Cruises can provide passengers with a personal sailing journey on the SY Freedom Fargo into the untouched nature that few travelers ever have the opportunity to see. Over the four-day journey, passengers will have the chance to spend time on unspoiled beaches, jungle tours and hikes as well as swimming and snorkeling over healthy reef. The Island Cruise office is conveniently located next to Zest in Mae Haad. Feel free to stop by and hear about the tours or visit our website at

[expandsub1 title=”Activity Companies in Mae Haad:” swaptitle=”Close Activity Companies”]
Bio-Wisdom Yoga: 085-798-7638
Bootsabaa Yoga & Joy: 087-882-1642
Captain Nemo’s Pool Hall: 080-090-7996
Charm Churee Villa Spa: 077-456-866 / 081-414-9762
Charm Churee Yoga: 077-456-866
Family Thai Massage: 085-078-8646
Impact Fitness: 082-273-2238 / 089-963-4701
Infinity Massage & Care: 087-112-8187
Island Cruises: 077-457-002
Monsoon Gym: 086-271-2212
Montra Spa: 077-457-057 / 077-457-061
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Mae Haad has a mix of just about any type of cuisine you could want. From French bakeries to Italian pizzerias, to Chinese restaurants and Japanese sushi, to Thai food to burgers and fries, if you want to eat it, you most likely will find it in Mae Haad. The options of restaurants may seem over-whelming but remember not to limit yourself to the main street. Down the side alleys are excellent dining choices.

Whitening Restaurant is a popular choice. Located near the Songserm pier, this elegant beachfront restaurant has a strong menu of western favorites and Thai fusion dishes. Paprika Restaurant & Lounge also offers a good choice of Thai food and European dishes, such as goulash and meatballs with mash. In terms of cafes and bakeries, Zest has a long-standing reputation as being one of the best places for breakfast or simply a cup of coffee. Open early and closing in the late afternoon, the sandwiches, shakes, salads and breakfasts will keep you satisfied all day.

[expandsub1 title=”Restaurants in Mae Haad:” swaptitle=”Close Restaurants in Mae Haad”]
Aow Thai Seafood:077-456-758
Baan Tai Restaurant: 077-456-927 / 087-895-9440
Buddy Restaurant: 077-456-714
Cappuccino Bakery: 077-456-870
Café del Sol: 077-456-578
Chinese Noodles: 086-270-6898
Coffee Boat 2: 077-456-939
The Coffee House: 089-589-9925
Dolce Vita Restaurant: 086-278-9117 / 084-845-3785
Dolphin Lounge & Restaurant: 077-456-204
El Gringo Restaurant: 077-456-323
Farango Pizzeria: 077-456-205
Greasy Spoon Restaurant: 086-272-1499 / 087-785-3044
Lek Thai Food: 087-268-1839
Moov Tapas Garden: 084-849-6648
Nuan Jan Restaurant: 077-456-905
Out of the Blue Steakhouse: 077-456-459
Pa Pim’s Restaurant: 077-456-129 / 089-011-2057
Paprika Restaurant & Lounge: 077-456-231
Pranee’s Kitchen: 077-456-924
Reef Bar & Grill: 087-051-6339
Rimtang Restaurant: 089-291-7295
Safari Bar & Grill: 077-456-878 / 081-797-0169
Saftey Stop Pub: 077-456-209
Sea Mermaid Bar & Restaurant: 077-457-074 / 086-266-1371
Sensi Paradise Restaurant: 077-456-244
Starfish Coffee & Deli: 077-456-517
Whitening Restaurant: 077-456-199 / 086-100-0991
Yang Thai Food: 077-456-226
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There are plenty of bars and meeting spots in Mae Haad. They range from beach front and classy to small and full of character. There are a few venues that are larger and have DJs or live music. The newly renovated Moov located in southern Mae Haad is excellent place for both food and drinks. It has been designed so that there is a dance floor and sitting lounge inside and a garden area for socializing. There is even a tree house!

The vibrant Dragon Bar goes through phases of being open and being closed for a bit. However, when it is open, there are often theme parities, DJs and signature cocktails and shots. If you are looking for something a bit calmer, Whitening also has a small bar with a good variety of drinks and wines. The seaside location and the lounge music make for a nice choice at the end of a busy day.

[expandsub1 title=”Bars and Pubs in Mae Haad” swaptitle=”Close Bars and Pubs in Mae Haad”]
Crystal Bar: 077-456-107
Dolphin Lounge & Restaurant: 077-456-204
Dragon Bar: NO NUMBER
Dropzone Bar: 089-291-7417
Info Beer-Garden: 077-456-586
The Hacienda Bar & Grill: 077-456-316
Moov Tapas Garden: 084-849-6648
Tattoo Bar: 089-291-9416
Vibe Lounge: 077-456-188


Statement of the members of Island Cruises, who have collected and published all the information in this Koh Tao guide for you.

“We are long-term residents on of Koh Tao and we want to share only what we deem the best on this tiny island. Should you have any questions about accommodation, dining, activities or sailing tours, please feel free to contact us. We offer a Pick up Service from Chalok baan Kao for all our sailing cruises.”

Enjoy your holiday in Mae Haad Town & Beach!

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