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Chalok Baan Kao - Koh Tao ThailandLocated at the southern tip of Koh Tao Chalok Baan Kao (most people call it simply Chalok), is often referred to as the calmer little sister Sairee Beach. As the third largest bay, Chalok still provides activities for travelers while retaining some of the ‘old school’ charm of Koh Tao. Most people are drawn to this corner of the island for the quieter atmosphere, the rustic charms of the chill out beach bars and the access to the somewhat lesser-developed areas of the southeast. Chalok baan Kao offers a variety of bars and restaurants and several diving schools from where you can enjoy the most popular underwater world of Koh Tao.

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Although Chalok baan Kao is smaller than Mae Haad and Sairee Beach, travelers are not limited to their accommodation options. Many resorts and bungalows are connected with dive schools, so during the high season the places may be booked with those connected with diving courses. With that said, it is best to book early if you plan on traveling during the busiest months.

Some people opt for the classic Koh Tao style wooden bungalows. This style has been fading out for more modern options, but there are still places that have them. There are a few hotels that are many single and double bed options. Almost all accommodations are connected to restaurants and bars, so there are chances to exchange stories and experiences with other travelers.

Some of the ones that we at Accommodation Koh Tao recommend are Chintakiri Resort, View Point Resort and New Heaven Resort. Chintakiri has been built spread out over a small hill over looking Chalok baan Kao Bay. These modern rooms come with air-conditioning, television and a hot water shower. Designed in a tasteful Asian fusion décor, these rooms provide comfort and cleanliness in garden surroundings. New Heaven Resort is nestled near Shark Bay. The emphasis that has been put on this resort is a blend into nature. The resort has been built within the jungle and rocky surroundings in order to give the guests the feeling of seclusion. The beautifully designed View Point Resort is located at the edge of the Bay with a view of Buddha Rock. The villas are all equipped with a sturdy but creative build and nestled in the tended garden and jungle. With just a 2-minute walk to the beach and a 10-minute into town, View Point has been an increasingly popular choice for travelers. The high-end villas have large balconies and private swimming pools. For more information about each of these resorts, please see the more detailed section of this website.

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Big Fish Dive Resort: 077-456-426
Laem Klong Bungalows: 077-456-083
Moonlight Bungalows: 077-456-762
Orchid Cliff: 081-956-9332 / 089-292-5382
Sunset Bungalow: 077-456-761
Taraporn Bungalows: 081-968-2565
Koh Tao Tropicana Resort: 077-456-167
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Featured - New Heaven Resort Sea View Honeymoon SuiteNew Heaven Resort Chalok baan Kao:
Call +66(0)77 456 462

Bhora Bhora Resort: 077-456-045
Famous House: 081-776-0464
Freedom Beach Resort: 077-456-596 / 077-456-192
Info Guesthouse: 077-456-275
Jame House: 077-456-148
JP Resort: 077-456-099
Koh Tao Casona Resort: 080-445-8111
Leelavadee Resort: 077-456-726 / 089-292-1359
OK 2 Bungalow: 077-456-278
Orachon House: 077-456-115
P&N Guesthouse: 077-456-664
Sunshine 1 Resort: 077-456-155
Sunshine2 Bungalows: 077-456-154
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Accommodation Chintakiri Resort Koh Tao
Our Featured Resort in this Class
Chintakiri Resort Chalok baan Kao: CALL 077-456-391

Ko Tao Resort: 077-456-133
View Point Resort: 077-456-444 / 077-456-445
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Although Chalok baan Kao may seem a bit on the quiet side, there are still plenty of activities to partake in. Koh Tao and diving seem to go hand in hand for travelers coming to this island. There are a number of dive schools on the island, most of them of the smaller more intimate variety. They are all closely located, so it would not take much time to visit each one and select the one that you feel the most home with.

[expandsub1 title=”Scuba Diving Schools in Chalok baan Kao:” swaptitle=”Close Scuba Diving Schools”]
Alvaro Diving: 085-782-6569
Big Bubble Dive School: 077-456-669
Big Fish Dive School: 077-456-290
Buddha View Dive Resort: 077-456-074 / 077-456-075
Carabao Dive Resort: 077-456-635
New Heaven Dive Shop: 077-457-045
Reef Riders: 077-456-084
Samui Diving Service: 077-456-134
Sunshine Divers: 077-456-597

Within this region of Koh Tao, most people are either content to dive, snorkel, swim, lay on the beach or drink banana shakes and watch the water. In terms of other activities, hiking to the other spots in the south part of the island is popular. Shark Bay, Freedom Beach or June Juea Beach are easy treks to make. There is a 15 minute hike up the small mountain hill near Freedom Beach called the ‘John Suwan Trek’ which leads you to an amazing view point of the island. It is a sight not to be missed. Reef Riders also rents out kayaks for the day. Take the challenge of seeing how far you can get with a paddle and your own strength!

For other physical activities; New Heaven Dive Shop usually offers yoga lessons in the evenings. Stop by their dive shop should you want to inquire about specific times and the challenge level. If you feel that you want something a bit more ‘intense’, the newly opened gun range gives you a chance to test your shooting skills. (Naturally, being sober is a non-negotiable prerequisite!). In between Chalok baan Kao and Mae Haad, there is a mini golf course. In addition to the golfing, there is also a petanque court and small bowling alley. Should you tire of the sun and the surf, this is a nice getaway and an excellent way to spend the evening.

Another nice way to end your busy day of diving or simply doing nothing is a sunset cruise. Koh Tao has a sailing company named, Island Cruises, that owns and operates two sailing yachts that offer day cruises and sunset tours. Another interesting trip with Island Cruises is the 4 days Ang Thong Marine Park Safari. For a taste of something different, check out their website for more details.

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Bowling + Minigolf: 077-456-316
Eve Hair Studio: 089-076-6512
Koh Tao Shooting Range: 077-601-999 / 080-328-5555
New Heaven Dive Shop: 077-457-045
Reef Riders: 077-456-084
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Even though you can walk the whole of Chalok baan Kao in less that an hour, it would take you a much longer time to sample something at all the restaurants. There are only a few solely Western style restaurants but with the amount of good Thai food available, most people do not miss it! Tropicana Resort has two restaurants – one on the beach and one on the main road. They have an extensive menu of the dishes that Thailand is known for. Taraporn has a simple restaurant on stilts over the water that creates a relaxed atmosphere for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ko Tao Resort has large restaurant with a sea view. There menu contains both Asian and Western entrees. Buddha View has a large barbeque every evening that has a wide variety of fresh fish, steak, chicken and pork kabobs as well as many side dishes. You serve yourself so you can choose exactly what you want and how much you want.

There are some cozy cafes for the travelers who need a cup of well-prepared coffee in the morning. Cappuccino Bakery is run by a French pastry chef and is open early. The menu contains coffee served how you like it along with freshly baked breads and pastries as well as sandwiches and pastas. Koppee is another bakery that should not be missed. A small but warm atmosphere, Koppee serves sandwiches, fruit shakes, pancakes and ice cream. And with the air-conditioning and stack of National Geographic magazines, you may feel at home. Fishy’s Burger Island serves breakfasts, burgers, steaks, Thai foods, coffee and alcohol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are books for readings and the television plays sporting events or new movies. Feel free to drop it – at any time at all!

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Bai Jai Restaurant: 077-456-927
Café Buddha: NO NUMBER
Café Tropicana: 077-456-304
Cappuccino Bakery: 077-087-263
Chalok Harbor: 077-456-133
Fishy’s Burger Island: 087-136-5620
The Hacienda Bar & Grill: 077-456-316
Japanese Gardens: 086-265-8867
Koppee Bakery & Café: 077-456-587
Taraporn Restaurant: 081-968-2565
Tukta Thai Food: 077-456-109
View Point Restaurant: 077-456-777
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Chalok tries to maintain its relaxed atmosphere, so you will not find too many of the larger venues that Sairee has; however, there are a several bars that line the beach that provide travelers with a place to sit among like minded people and listen to music with the mountain backdrop. Eazy Bar is one the long standing hangouts that has been a symbol of Chalok for many years. A small wooden hut built within a long wooden platform covered with Thai triangle cushions, the extensive drink menu (listed alphabetically) is painted with neon colors and nothing is ever rushed. Babaloo Beach Bar Chalok baan Kao is one of the oldest bars in the bay. Babaloo Bar is located at the further end of the beach. The place has been decorated with small statues, lights, bits of painted wood and enough ribbons neon ribbons to make any ‘hippy at heart’ feel right at home. The more modern Buddha Bar is connected with the larger dive school Buddha View Dive Resort. During the early evenings, the place gets crowded with dive students who have just finished their course and want to celebrate with music and the signature buckets of Sangsom, Red Bull and coke. Occasionally, there are larger parties located about a 15-minute walk away from the beach at the complex and slightly imposing Castle.

About two to three times a month, the Castle throws parties with DJs that last until 6 or 7am the next day when the people leave the bar with glow paint covering their bodies and clothes. If you are an early-riser, this makes for an interesting display to watch. Less frequently there is a party in the mountains at a place called the Blue Moon. A long trek up a windy hill, the Blue Moon provides a large variation of music, neon and psychedelic images in the trees and on rocks and plenty of space to simply let your body find its own rhythm.

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Babaloo Beach Bar: 087-271-5664
Bar Next Door: NO NUMBER
Buddha Bar: 086-046-5623
The Castle: NO NUMBER
Happy Daze Tree House: 081-077-8949
Rasta Bar: NO NUMBER
The Rock Bar: 086-268-9949


Statement of the members of Island Cruises, who have collected and published all the information in this Koh Tao guide for you.

“We are long-term residents on of Koh Tao and we want to share only what we deem the best on this tiny island. Should you have any questions about accommodation, dining, activities or sailing tours, please feel free to contact us. We offer a Pick up Service from Chalok baan Kao for all our sailing cruises.”

Enjoy your holiday in Chalok baan Kao Koh Tao!

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